M.I.N.Y. Pants

We broke all the rules when we wore shorts to work, and we refuse to apologize. We wear shorts with heels, boots and strappy sandals. We wear them with lush sweaters and silk tops. We wear them with opaque tights when it’s cold, and proudly show off toned legs when the weather warms up.


Shorts truly are the most versatile piece of clothing you can own. But for some, finding the perfect fit wasn’t always easy. Until we made these—with our own little twist of course. We created the M.I.N.Y. (Made In New York) Pant, named for the city that inspires us.

Our women’s M.I.N.Y. Pant comes in two styles: the Boxer M.I.N.Y., which is just about the most stylish and comfortable piece of clothing you’ll own to compliment your athletic build. And The Trouser M.I.N.Y., which is for the girl with svelte thighs who can never find shorts that fit properly.

The Trouser M.I.N.Y. is mid-rise and quite fitted, giving you a gentle hug on the thigh with the look of endlessly long legs. The Boxer M.I.N.Y. is also mid-rise, but takes a different approach with a slightly wider fit at the thigh. And with a touch of elastic to keep them in place at the hip, plus an exposed O-ring zipper, they marry cool and classic just perfectly.

And where can’t you wear them? Personally, we love the M.I.N.Y. Pant for work as an alternative to a trouser with a suit jacket, or on the weekends with a tee or a chunky sweater. Whichever M.I.N.Y. Pant you chose, be prepared to answer the most pressing question: “Where did you get those?” Followed of course by, “and how can I get a pair?”